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With servers in 76 countries and 123 cities 🌎 our VPN provides you with stable, fast 🚀 and secure internet access!

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Many countries and cities

Our servers are in 76 countries and 123 cities, so you can switch at any time. If you need an additional country, please leave a request!

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Works on all devices: Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, Linux, Apple TV and even routers. We support Shadowsocks, Wireguard, L2TP, OpenVPN, Vless/Vmess and even SmartDNS protocols

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One subscription will be enough for all your devices, we do not limit the number and speed of connections. Watch videos without limits

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Access to 76 countries and 123 cities, unlimited usage (connections, speed, traffic)

It is possible to get a personal VPN with a dedicated IP for an additional fee, email us for exact information

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Our service uses not only Shadowsocks - an advanced VPN protocol that provides reliability, high performance and high speeds without excessive power consumption 🚀 We also support L2TP, OpenVPN, Wireguard and in special cases Vless/Vmess when you need to work China

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where to download apps and what platforms are they available for?

    Since we work on opensource protocols, you can use any third-party clients that support the protocol you need.

  • All our locations support Shadowsocks, Wireguard, L2TP ipsec and OpenVPN. We are also gradually introducing support for Vless/Vmess protocols, both with cdn and TLS/Reality. According to our experience Vless + TLS/Reality works perfectly in China.

    At the moment we have started testing SmartDNS, which means that you can use SmartDNS on Apple TV, Smart TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and other devices where you can't install VPN. Email us if you want to try it!

  • At the moment, we have servers in 76 countries and 123 cities, but this is not the final list. We're constantly adding new servers and locations. We can also consider adding a location on request.

    Austria, Vienna
    Austria, Graz
    Belgium, Brussels
    Germany, Berlin
    Germany, Düsseldorf
    Germany, Nuremberg
    Germany, Falkenstein
    Germany, Frankfurt
    Germany, Limburg
    Greece, Thessaloniki
    Spain, Madrid
    Spain, Seville
    Spain, Logroño
    Spain, Barcelona
    Italy, Milan
    Italy, Palermo
    Italy, Florence
    Italy, Rome
    Cyprus, Limassol
    Netherlands, Amsterdam
    Netherlands, Meppel
    Netherlands, Den Haag
    Portugal, Lisbon
    Russia, Yekaterinburg
    Russia, Kazan
    Russia, Moscow
    Russia, Novosibirsk
    Russia, St. Petersburg
    Russia, Chelyabinsk
    France, Gravelines
    France, Paris
    France, Strasbourg
    France, Roubaix
    Switzerland, Geneva
    Switzerland, Zug
    Switzerland, Zurich

    Eastern Europe:
    Armenia, Yerevan
    Azerbaijan, Baku
    Bulgaria, Sofia
    Belarus, Minsk
    Hungary, Budapest
    Georgia, Tbilisi
    Czech Republic, Prague
    Czech Republic, Veseli nad Luznici
    Moldova, Chisinau
    Poland, Gdansk
    Poland, Warsaw
    Romania, Bucharest
    North Macedonia, Skopje
    Serbia, Belgrade
    Slovakia, Bratislava
    Slovenia, Ljubljana
    Croatia, Zagreb

    Northern Europe:
    United Kingdom, London
    UK, Manchester
    Denmark, Tender
    Denmark, Copenhagen
    Iceland, Reykjavik
    Ireland, Dublin
    Latvia, Riga
    Lithuania, Vilnus
    Norway, Oslo
    Norway, Sandefjord
    Finland, Helsinki
    Sweden, Stockholm
    Sweden, Malmö
    Estonia, Tallin

    Bahrain, Bahrain
    Vietnam, Hanoi
    Israel, Tel Aviv
    India, Mumbai
    Kazakhstan, Almaty for google play
    Kazakhstan, Astana
    Kazakhstan, Qaraghandy for google play
    China, Hong Kong
    Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek
    Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
    UAE, Dubai
    UAE, Fujairah
    Pakistan, Karachi
    Philippines, Manila
    Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
    Turkey, Bursa
    Turkey, Istabul
    Turkey, Izmir
    Thailand, Bangkok
    Taiwan, Taipei
    South Korea
    Japan, Tokyo
    Japan, Osaka

    North America:
    Canada, Toronto
    Canada, Monreal
    Canada, Vancouver
    Mexico, Mexico
    USA - East, Atlanta
    USA - East, Ashburn
    USA - East, Virginia
    USA - East, Ohio
    USA - East, New Jersey
    USA-West, Hillsboro
    U.S.A. West, Los Angeles
    U.S.-West, Oregon
    USA - West, Santa Clara

    South America
    Argentina, Buenos Aires
    Brazil, São Paulo
    Bolivia, La Paz
    Guatemala, Guatemala City
    Colubmia, Bogota
    Costa Rica, San José
    Peru, Lima
    Puerto Rico, San Juan
    Chile, Santiago
    Ecuador, Quito

    Australia, Melbourne
    Australia, Sydney

    Egypt, Cairo
    Morocco, Fez
    Nigeria, Lagos
    South Africa, Johannesburg

  • Unlike most other services, we provide access to all locations at no extra cost. Switch at any time to any of the available 123 locations and 76 countries.
    We don't limit traffic, speed, or connections. Use our service on all your devices at the same time.
    We do not overload the servers with users; We always have free servers, and you can see the current workload on the server status page.

  • Yes, all the detailed information is on this page

  • Write to us in chat on the site, in telegram or to mail and we will send you the password from your personal cabinet